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I first considered getting long term eyeliner because I had issues with obtaining it on and getting it to stay on. I was very anxious about having some thing ‘permanent’ completed. Having Said That I went ahead and considered it. I went on line and found several internet sites on long term constitute. Nancy’s internet site was the most effective I saw, she had a lot of before and after pictures, and several excellent credentials listed. I called Nancy and she was very educational and I could tell she realized what she was talking about. Nancy helped me feel at ease with my decision to get permanent eyeliner. (She told me I would love it, and I do!)

I adored her work and how she worked a great deal which i wanted to get my lip area colored. Nancy helped me to pick a good lip colour for my skin and today I don’t even must wear lip stick! Nancy again performed an amazing job!

Well there was only one thing left, my brows. I used to be a bit nervous about getting my brows done, having said that i trusted Nancy’s work. Now i have my brows done, not to mention they search excellent.

I can’t say sufficient about how exactly satisfied I am with all of three procedures, and how Nancy usually spends her time to do it right and how you like it. I am just constantly bragging to everybody about Nancy and how a lot I really like my permanent make up! I might recommend Nancy for permanent constitute to anyone who wants to look nice all the time!

Tami in Huntington Beach, CA

I love my new permanent make-up. I now have the option of without having to incorporate makeup basically if i don’t really feel like it. I used to be constantly so personal conscience about without brows (plucked them out once i was a teen plus they never grew back). The eyeliner improved my eyes and makes my eyes appear so all-natural. I just really feel younger and search younger!

Nancy is quite patient and prevents very often through the procedure which means you can find out how it’s arriving together. She is very conscientious about getting everything clean and sterile and clean. Initially there is a little discomfort but it disappears altogether following the topical cream is used. She actually is thorough when explaining the procedure which means you know what she is going to be doing and it also causes you to feel more relaxed. Newport Seaside, CA

After I set out to produce a show about spa residing, I knew one from the segments would need to talk about permanent makeup. I scoured the Web and found an array of musicians…particularly in the La and Orange Area areas. I made the decision I might select an designer simply by using a single criterion: Would you I select to work on me? When I found, I had been impressed using the professionalism represented from the site. The “before and right after” pictures were believable. The explanations had been easy to understand. And mostly, Nancy’s credentials had been remarkable. After speaking on the telephone, I realized I needed the right person for that section. In the day in the shoot, Nancy and her topic demonstrated up earlier and prepared. She was accommodating and professional. The section went perfectly, picture in only one consider. And perhaps most importantly, the process Nancy performed looked excellent!

David Winter season – Professional Manufacturer WinterMedia, Inc.

Appears excellent!! This can be the best way to describe the transformation from no colour and constant daily interest of using eyeliner. I Adore The Outcomes!! The procedure was time efficient and fairly painless. Nancy was very cautious about the delicate section of the eyes. She continuously asked should i was sensation any pain. Have recommended a number of buddies and business associates to her. Like some many things, I wish I had carried this out in the past. My only regret is the fact I can’t give blood for one year. The United states Red-colored Go across continues to have a principle on tattoo’s. Somehow the healthcare factors behind permanent makeup and tattoo’s around the rest in the entire body tend not to equate within my mind. Nancy’s company is carried out in an office environment with all the cleanliness of the hospital. Don’t be reluctant to have long term makeup!!

KH Newport Seaside, CA

My name is Pamela, a 44-year old resident of Long Seaside, who contacted Nancy LaTouche in late 2002 to get her help in seeking to change face scars created by a dermabrasion surgery. Having paid 1000s of dollars for dermabrasion surgical treatment to enhance my skin, and winding up with horrific, indented scarring, you can envision my outrage and depressive disorders when i labored to locate solutions to this unpredicted debacle. The doctor who scarred me was of no help, in fact, he refused to even address the matter with me. Hence, I was left to my very own devices to try and discover scar tissue revision methods.

One this kind of technique is that of “needling”, in which the scar tissue is “needled” numerous times with the kind of little tiny needles utilized in permanent make-up artistry. In researching this technique, I found Nancy’s web site on line, and was instantly astounded by her thoroughness and professionalism. I known as Nancy to describe my situation, and was humbled by her compassionate reaction and willingness to devote her time as well as knowledge of attempting to assist me to. Nancy explained she had not, individually, performed needling (actually, most such professionals have not done so), yet she jumped in with each feet to check out the issue, emailed well-informed contacts, and spent long hrs in learning this issue.

We ultimately met at her offices to get a “test run” in needling several scars. Nancy had read on numerous posts and documents about this technique, in order to be well versed in their program. She invested an excellent 2 hours meeting with me and xgyego the exam run, all the while demonstrating the utmost in professionalism and trust, treatment and issue. In spite of her several hours focused on my issue, Nancy charged me only a fraction of her usual fee. She has since been in touch regularly to check high on my healing and improvement, and will continue to provide leads into scar revision techniques for me.

I are not able to say enough concerning the care, professionalism and trust and knowledge demonstrated by Nancy LaTouche, and feel blessed to have met this outstanding lady.

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