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The main problem that hotels and dining places are up against is a constant and costly battle with their rivals. This problem – that in fact is caused by the hotels and restaurants them selves – and its solution I will quickly and in an easily easy to understand way address within the framework of this article.

Accusing challenging market conditions because of powerful competitors for frustrating revenues and profits is not hard and may sound great. Nevertheless, checking out this much more carefully and placing it bluntly it really is a clear show of incompetence on the part of those managers who ought to be making contributions to resolving the problem of not better than their competitors!

In other words, saying ‘We are not making higher profits (if any) simply because we have been dealing with strong competition’ indicates ‘We are certainly not good enough to improve than our competitors’. Why different would they be constantly complaining about rivals and spend a lot of time and funds in aggressive analyses wishing (mostly in vain) to locate something that could allow them to have a decisive aggressive advantage over their competitors? This leaves us with the question why these companies are for all the endeavours not much better than their competitors? Why do they not see their real strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats though they do all make a single SWOT analysis after the other? The correct answer is ‘because these are just like their competitors thinking across the wrong lines’. What exactly will it take to get things right?

Both identifying and solving the actual problems of hospitality business businesses demands above all great information (and also the skills to expertly transform this knowledge into powerful aggressive benefits) in one area that is (even though becoming the most crucial for success in the hospitality industry) at e.g. resort administration colleges either practically certainly not or at best only marginally handled; mindset. This truth is reflecting in the result of a recently available poll conducted by a major global portal offering the latest hospitality business information and information for hospitality professionals in accordance with which: ‘GM’s number one focus will not be the guest’. Hotels the General Managers in which tend not to place their guests on the centre of what these are performing? That says everything and does not require further elaboration!

The absence of understanding how a persons becoming ticks will be the primal way to obtain most hotel’s and restaurant’s issues. Not understanding why humans are performing and reacting how they do, not understanding their guests (genuine and potential) main traveling forces and, subsequently, not understanding whatever they actually need makes it extremely hard to properly plan, implement and manage a effective hospitality industry business. After all, hospitality is centered on individuals and as mentioned above the General Supervisors of resorts do not only not know enough (if something at all) about humans (yes, guests are humans) also, they are not dedicated to them. Actually this will not come as a shock. At resort management colleges, etc. it really is educated how to execute and run a hotel’s or a restaurant’s administrative components once it really is gone functional, which demands predominantly non-hospitality abilities. With regards to functional areas at training centers and then in hotels or restaurants it is educated how to serve (deliver) meals and drinks, how you can prepare, clean, etc. This leads for the problems comprehensive in the subsequent.

The industry overarching real cause of level of competition is in other words ‘being for insufficient knowing how to accomplish better like the competitors’, some thing for which particularly the hospitality industry may serve as a great instance. Taking a look at resorts and restaurants does immediately make apparent that they are experiencing a severe identification crisis known as ‘sameness’; they may be ‘me-too-businesses’.

As long as humanity is present there were ‘hotels’ and also, since then – never ever mind the shallow changes throughout the development procedure through the initially relaxing place to your accommodation since it is recognized nowadays – nothing much has evolved. Now as it ever was hotels are providing their visitors mainly some thing quite simple; the chance to rest/lodge, eat and drink i.e. areas, meals & drinks (dining places only meals & drinks). Even if you enhance this services for occasions, pools, saunas and fitness centers this does not change anything in any way. To cut a long tale brief, in the middle of the traditional understanding of ‘hospitality’ was yet still is definitely the satisfaction of physical requirements, that are human requirements from the lower order. Since hotels and/or dining places are still operating within the narrow confines of fulfilling materials needs their odds of becoming truly distinctive are slim, to say the least. The effect: A lot of hospitality industry companies are fighting for a lot inadequate to be discussed with the same improper weaponry on a single wrong battleground.

Thinking and acting in the same ways others do leads to exactly the same mistakes they make as well as consistency as opposed to distinctiveness. This being said, the major question is why a potential guest should choose one stereotype to another stereotype from the group hotel or restaurant? Where is the distinguishing mark? All hotels and restaurants claim to be the most effective but usually not one of them is because they say the exact same, show exactly the same and provide exactly the same within the exact same methods. Just take a look at their marketing. Indeed, you can find quite shallow category-specific differences (demonstrated within the prices!!!) but basically it is actually the same within and across all groups. Each category is filled with companies fighting for much better sameness with not one of them using a competitive edge on the other. Towards this background it becomes clear that getting into the potential customers concern set for reasons of being much better than the others is virtually extremely hard. Using this it follows that this remaining choice criteria are cost and location because the possibility will not expect to get anything at all better than that what resorts provide: a location to rest as well as something to enjoy and drink i.e. regular things you can get at nearly every area at high quality as well as at good prices. The following is what Bruce Henderson, founder of Boston Talking to said: “Unless a business features a distinctive edge on its rivals, it has no reason to really exist”.

How can a resort or even a cafe get while keeping a unique edge over its rivals? Here is the solution brief and sweet: In that they read about the individual (their visitors!!), change their philosophy and put – ideally at the beginning of the preparing – an end to becoming a resort or restaurant and commence becoming an thrilling knowledge about the visitor being integral a part of it. It is the visitors as well as the satisfaction of the general requirements (with stress on immaterial principles that are much more beneficial than materials principles) that fjvstt to be front side and centre and not that what hotels usually offer namely rooms, food & beverages and quite basic solutions. Once this can be comprehended by proprietors and managers and translated into actions the respective ‘hotels’ and ‘restaurants’ is going to be outstanding; until then these are just regular, at very best, and also have – to acquire Bruce Henderson’s terms – ‘No cause to really exist.’

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