I’m not much of aMexican food fan or a fast food fan. So, this craze of Chipotle didn’t quite catch on with me. My workers loved the spot and constantly would bring back meals from chipotle menu prices to the facility.

Once we initially opened our Dublin location 2 years ago, it was geared towards sports speed training. We had a wide open house so that as a reason to get senior high school sports athletes to go to, I purchased a bunch of Chipotle present certificates. We had a bunch remaining which simply sat in my desk for a long period. I’m talking months. The pile did lower simply because my staff was “borrowing” the gift certificates, however, not coming back them. HMMM!

Anyway, I maintained 3 personally and bought my first Chipotle back in November, 2009. It had been a poultry fajita burrito with a selection of their chips and salsa.

I used to be connected. The stuff is good. In particular those chips.

I am aware lots of my clients enjoy chipotle, so I had to go look up the nutrients and vitamins of a selection of their food selection products.

BEWARE:: If you do not need to see this info for it might ruin your dining encounter, then by pass aside Notes. But it isn’t all terrible. If you want to read everything about the foods at chipotle to go menu, it is possible to visit their company website and study the nutrition information.

I’m going to discuss all the food items that have a lot of body fat inside them. That amount is in fact less than the much healthier options. My meaning of excessive body fat is if you will find 30Percent or more calorie consumption of that meals provided by body fat. So, if a food has 100 calories, not more than 30 calories should result from body fat. I am going to also list in parentheses ( ) the gr of unhealthy fats and the sodium in mg. Professionals state that not more than 7% of your own total calories should originate from unhealthy fat. So, if you eat 2000 calorie consumption a day, 140 should be from saturated fat which is approximately 16 grams of saturated fat. Experts vary about how exactly a lot salt (if you exercise you need to eat much more), however they say a safe and secure array is 1500 to 2400 mg.

So here is the list:

o A taco shell – 33Percent body fat (1g SF, 10mg SOD)

o Barbacoa (4 ounces) – 35% fat (2g, 510mg)

o Chicken (4 oz) – 32Percent body fat (2g, 370mg)

o Carnitas (4 ounces) – 37Percent body fat (2.5g, 540mg)

o Steak (4 ounces) – 32% body fat (2g, 320mg)

o Cheese (1 oz) – 80Percent fat (5g, 180mg)

o Bitter Lotion (2 oz) – 75% body fat (7g, 30mg)

o Guacamole (3.5 ounces) – 80% fat (2g, 190mg)

o Chips (4 oz) – 42Percent fat (3.5g, 420mg)

o Vinaigrette (2 fluid ounces) – 85Percent fat (4g, 700mg)

o Flour Tortilla Burrito (make be aware of this) – 28% fat (3rd generation, 670mg)

You should note the ounces for every of these items. They are not only fat, but while they are presented to you at the cafe, it is far more than their helping size. I really do not purchase my meals with the condiments like bitter cream, guacamole, or cheese, but these are little serving sizes they have listed. I view the wait around staff drop a great size helping place because sour lotion and put everything over purchases. It probably isn’t 2 oz.

I’m sorry to be a buzzkill, but an order of the burrito with condiments and potato chips could easily exceed around 1200 calorie consumption and i believe I am just becoming conservative.

So, remember next time you go to chipotle hours. I do believe it is possible to eat healthful there, you need to simply view what you really are investing in the food. In addition, you may want to consume 50 % of everything you get and conserve one other half for later on. Especially rlhoui you happen to be viewing your calories. I nevertheless eat my poultry fajita burrito although. It comes with their rice, red onion, green peppers, the chicken, and i also add some corn to it. Unfortunately, I don’t obtain the chips too frequently. That is the sacrifice of exercising what you preach.

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